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The Implementation Activity for Making Rainwater Harvesters "Gama Rainfilter" uses technology worthy of patents from UGM in 2016 and UGM's best patents in 2020 with initiator Dr-Ing. Ir. Agus Maryono from the Civil Engineering Department. The patent, entitled Filtering and Rainwater Collecting Equipment with Leaf, Dust and Fine Dust Filters Integrated with Infiltration Wells, numbered IDP000067606, has been implemented throughout Indonesia with a quantity of more than 200 tools.

  • Total Dissolve Solid : 31 mg/L
  • Acidity (pH) : 7.1
  • Turbidity : 1.2 NTU
  • Color : 2 TCU
  • E-Coli detected : 0 CFU/100mL

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