Developing Community and Green Environment

Sustainable Water Management with Eco-friendly System

About Us

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PT. Wujudkan Mandiri Air is a company specialized in water treatment with the principle of "Harvesting Water from Sea Sand and Sky with Conservative Approach". Focuses on consulting, planning, building, operating and maintaining water infrastructure.


Green Community Development

Wujudkan is willing to help our communities to live an excellent life without water related problems by providing technical training, implementing technologies, and capacity building for society.

Rainwater Harvest Technology

Patented Technology to turn Rainwater into Drinking Water and at the same time conserve groundwater. This technology is implemented from simple households to complex buildings.

Irrigation and Drainage

Provide service to design and build irrigation and drainage by using advanced technology on BIM (Building Information Modelling) to give best practice for clients.

Water Management Consultant

Supported by excellent human resources, tools, and rich experience Wujudkan offers excellent expertise for your institutions regarding water management, and its infrastructure support.

Desalination 4.0

Eco-Friendly desalination plants operated efficiently using the internet of things producing not only freshwater but also salt, battery, and electricity. Collaborate with Netherlands, and Canadian Enterprise.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Supported by excellent human resources, tools, and rich experience Wujudkan offers excellent service to maintenance your precious assets.

Company Background

Around 700 million people in 43 countries suffer today from water scarcity. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world's population could be living under water stressed conditions. How we can adapt ourself to fight against this phenomenon, so we not ended like them and help them?

The world's freshwater sources only account for 0.5% the others capped in polar ice, and too expensive to exploit, this small amount of water receive contaminants from a wide range of sectors, threatening human and wildlife health. Is there any other options to save this planet?

Wujudkan! have an expertise on reforming water with concept "Protect Nature, Nature Protect". This concept is using rainwater as the core of water reformation, Don't you forget that water cycle begin from rain?

Did you notice when rain comes there'll be flood sometimes massive, but when drought comes a lot of people suffering? Wujudkan! able to tapped the power of rain under Gama Rain Filter and its TRAP system framework to gain a lot of opportunity from water that falls from sky! Check more about Gama Rain Filter

Gama Rain Filter

Rainwater harvesting system licensed by Assoc. Prof. Agus Maryono with the name Gama Rain Filter, patented in 2016 and received various awards both from within and outside the country.

TRAP System

Wujudkan develops water infrastructure with the principle of the T.R.A.P (Tampung - collect, Resapkan - absorb, Alirkan - drain, Pelihara - maintain) system as a form of overcoming the core problem of drought in the form of lack of water resource management.

Water flow system

Storing rainwater in a container, filtering it and distributing it through a gutter into the ground into raw water or reprocessing it into ready-to-use or ready-to-drink water.